Check for sudo access in bash script
Is this the correct way to check for sudo access? ``` has_sudo() { if [[ "$EUID" = 0 ]]; then exit 0 else sudo -k # make sure to ask for password on next sudo if sudo true; then exit 0 else exit 1 fi fi } load_zshenv_on_startup() { if has_sudo; then append_zshenv_to_global_files else link_zshenv_to_home_directory fi } ```

How can I evaluate a variable before appending with tee?
I need to evaluate this variables before appending this lines to a few files: ``` sudo tee -a /etc/profile /etc/zshenv /etc/zsh/zshenv &>/dev/null <<EOF export XDG_CONFIG_HOME="$SYNC"/config export XDG_CACHE_HOME="$HOME"/.cache export XDG_DATA_HOME="$HOME"/.local/share export XDG_STATE_HOME="$HOME"/.local/state export ZDOTDIR="$XDG_CONFIG_HOME"/zsh EOF ```

How to avoid part of a bash script from executing twice when re-running the script?
For example I have a function that appends to a file a few lines. But if something else fails in the script I wouldn't want to fix it and execute it again, and then have those lines duplicated.

How to improve this fix permissions function efficiency?
How do I improve this function efficiency so that it only searches once instead of three times: ``` # Fixes permissions for files and directories in the given folder or the current folder fixperms() { find "${1:-.}" -type f -executable -exec chmod 744 {} \; find "${1:-.}" -type f ! -executable -exec chmod 644 {} \; find "${1:-.}" -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; } ```

How to clear zsh configuration?
I think it was `zsh -z` but I'm not sure. It's for doing this: ``` reload_zsh() { echo "Reload zsh" zsh -z [ -f $ZSHRC ] && source $ZSHRC } ```

How to let every file know the absolute path of the root of a project and be able to change a folder path easily?
I want to let every file know the path of the root of a project. For example let's consider this the root: `/home/username/.config/project`. If I have a folder in the project and every file in the folder has a line like `ROOT="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" >/dev/null 2>&1 && pwd )"` (gets the absolute path of the parent directory) whenever I move the folder to another location I may have to change that line for every file in the folder. Is there a better option to let every file know the path of the project root?

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