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How to write an advanced search?
I want to do an advanced search, something similar to the one in [scryfall]( where I can use either syntax or buttons to search, using multiple filter and logical operators. I have difficulty knowing how to create the SQL query dynamically. If it's possible I'd like to see a guide on how to do something like that. If there isn't a guide a high level description on how to do this would be useful. Useful resources. Off-the-shelf search engine server: - [OpenSearch aka ElasticSearch]( - [Toshi]( - [Apache Solr]( an enterprise search server with a powerful REST API - [Sonic]( Fast, lightweight & schema-less search backend. An alternative to Elasticsearch that runs on a few MBs of RAM - [Searx]( - [meilisearch]( Libraries to build your own search engine server: - Bleve & [tantivy]( are search engine projects, respectively written in Golang and Rust, inspired by Apache Lucene and its algorithms (e.g., tf-idf, short for term frequency-inverse document frequency). Such as Lucene, both are libraries to be used for any search project; however they are not ready-to-use APIs. - [Apache Lucene]( the full-text search library > []( > > If you use Hibernate as your data access layer you can use [Hibernate Search]( > [@Thann•]( > > 1. you need a database to store and index the information. > 2. you need an API to access the information. > > There are a million ways you could do this; pretty much any database will do, and there are a bunch of options for API’s. OpenSearch (AKA ElasticSearch) might be a good starting point. GraphQL is a powerful API option as well.

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