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What do you use, prefer? I have mostly used KVM with qemu, but I want to try out other things. I have heard of proxmox and all kinds of cool management things, what's a solid setup that supports easy backups and such things? KVM and qemu is solid and pretty easy to understand. Basic control of the VMs can be done with virt-manager, which is a basic but solid tool.

How to disable reading password timeout?
I know I can disable password aging with: ``` sudo visudo ``` And adding: ``` Defaults timestamp_timeout=-1 ``` But how can I disable timeout when reading passwords instead? To avoid this kind of error: ``` [sudo] password for user: sudo: timed out reading password sudo: a password is required -> exit status 1 ```

I reinstalled *Manjaro Cinnamon 21.2.2-220123-linux515* trying to get rid of this error with no luck. I've only copied my dotfiles from an external drive and run the installation script. Whenever I try a `git init` in any empty repository I get `/git: permission denied`. Which doesn't tell me anything. I've found that the error is produced because of this lines in the installation of my dotfiles: ``` sudo tee -a /etc/profile /etc/zshenv /etc/zsh/zshenv &>/dev/null <<EOF export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=$XDG_CONFIG_HOME export ZDOTDIR=$ZDOTDIR EOF ``` If I change the lines appended to those files and restart the system it doesn't give me an error, but then my configuration isn't loaded. But that could mean the error happens anywhere in my configuration and I don't know how to find it.

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