font and default dark theme
I think the font is hard on the eyes and so is the default dark theme. Does anyone else agree?

I hate those websites that repost stackoverflow content
They're all over the search results for common programming problems, and even for less common ones. They have less information than their original stackoverflow answer and of course are just a useless copy. AAAaaaaaaaargh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Mass import from StackOverflow to
> I’d be down for mass import as long as it’s done well. My idea is either do it with selenium, simulating the usage of a normal user on the website. In that case, every post would have my user as the creator and would generate a lot of spam in the front wall. Or it could be done directly to the database, but that would create bogus users that would be unavailable to use for anyone else. I think it would be better to do the later but with a reserved user that you create only for that purpose and has a descriptive name like "bot". Let me know your ideas.

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